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Yes, I love being a stay at home mom, Actually, I am a work at home mom. Caring for a family is more work than any full time job I’ve had. AND I run a business, too. I must admit, there is something empowering to owning my own business. I might be on to something, because women-owned businesses are the fastest growing segment of the US economy. You hear that, ladies? We are taking over.

What’s even cooler, is we are no longer a market segment, we ARE the market. Here are some facts from Success Magazine.

· Over the last 10 years, women owned business grew twice as fast as men owned. That is a growth of 50%, compared to men-owned at 25%

· 77% of women started some type of business. Of those women, a whopping 72% had no prior business experience. Get that? You don’t NEED experience. Don’t let those limiting beliefs hold you back.

· 58% of women in business do not have a bachelor’s degree! You don’t need a degree to succeed in business! That is exciting to me!

· There are 7.8 million women business owners in the US alone.

Here is what we gotta fix.

· Women still only earn $.80 for every $1 men earn.

· Women make up 80% of network marketers, yet the top earners are traditionally women

· Only 19% of women in business are minorities. There is a HUGE market opportunity for women of color.

What does this means for you, fellow mama? The first thing that comes to mind is you are not alone. There are a bunch of us out here doing it day in and day out. I know this is true for myself and other women I work with: we want nothing more than to empower you to take control of your financial future. For not only yourself, but for your family as well. Being a stay at home mom doesn’t mean you can’t have a career (and a thriving one at that) as well. And free vacations. Yes, I get free all inclusive vacations!

Women as especially adept in building relationships online, thus being able to use to internet to generate clients. Many women build their home businesses from their kitchen table, in between homework and making that homemade gluten free pot pie. We have the whole world at our fingertips. The best part is network marketing gives you a step by step system for success, inventory is managed for you, marketing training is provided FREE and all your websites are created for you.

If you have ever dreamed about being your own boss, earning an income from home, not missing your kids grow up or spending time doing what you love with people you love, reach out to me and see if what I have is a good fit for you. You can do it! It takes hard work, it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it! I feel so blessed to be able to raise Naima, and be the example that she can do and be whatever she chooses.

Successful Small Businesses Can Grow Faster Using Their Customer Values

Owners who want to grow successful small businesses faster should understand what is driving the customers they want to serve.

There is a huge post crisis audience across all demographic groups that are looking for friendly, engaging and socially responsible firms to do business with.

Voting with Their Dollars

Consider nearly 67% of one survey respondents* who felt they could influence corporate behavior through what they purchased. Trends like these should be a real wake up alarm to owners committed to keep their successful small businesses thriving in a slow growth economy.

A surprising majority of consumer near this same number avoided companies whose values did not reflect their own. The central idea that entrepreneurs should not only be aware but integrate customer values with their marketing and sales approach is one of the top ideas to pursue.

It is very clear from the consumer attitude surveys that post crisis customers want to engage more actively beyond the transaction level.

How many more successful small businesses would flourish if they could tap more into this cause related marketing approach?

Do Your Own Quick Observation

Do an easy confirming test of the most successful small businesses near you. Can you identify the highest consumer values they are emphasizing through their marketing, customer service and community involvement practices?

The widely recognized Fortune Best Places to Work list has inspired similar locally sponsored surveys from area chamber groups who want to help grow small business. Study your city’s survey results about the top small firms.

What values come through?

I find that employee involvement and success sharing dominate the survey results.

In fact, many of these successful small businesses share the same core values that more post-crisis consumers now embrace (kindness, respect, empathy, community involvement, etc.)

Imagine what the impact would be in our communities if more owners knew just how close they already are to connecting with an entirely new set of potential customers!

Try another very revealing observation. Contrast the competitors who do not make these most admired lists. What do you observe is missing? In my experience they generally focus on a transactional relationship with their customers and do not venture beyond it.

Your Values Checklist

For those wanting to make progress try this simple checklist with your staff:

1) What is my company brand really about? Who do we make a difference with?

Tip: What is the highest emotional connection you bring to your customers?

2) If I had to distill our company values down to the top three what would those be?

3) What is a related need by the wider community we serve that is

urgent and compelling?

4) What is an existing non-profit that is already trying to meet that need?

5) As the business owner, what is something that is hurting in our

community I am personally passionate about?

Tip: Be sure your cause is both genuine and long-term.

6) How does the cause relate in a direct way to our primary product or service?

Tip: Public relations synergy done right is a win/win for successful small businesses!

7) What are simple ways we could integrate the support of a

community cause in our everyday communications and promotions to our customers?

Mastering how to do a good transaction well is a foundation to survive. However, to really thrive in a slow economy is an entirely different approach.

Successful small businesses are those who pay close attention to the values their customers share the strongest and simply mirror that in all their customer centered practices.

*Survey Source: The Power of the Post-Recession Consumer, by John Gerzema and Michael D’Antonio.

What Makes Online Presence Essential for Small Businesses?

According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), out of 7 billion global population in 2011, 2.26 billion population (one third of the world’s population inhabiting the planet) is using the Internet, which is a stunning 500% increase from 360 million Internet users in 2000. Therefore, by not having a website, businesses are ignoring the entire online population as well as losing valuable business opportunities.

Many large businesses have already understood this situation and have made their online debut in the last decade. But small businesses, which are often worried about their investments are still lagging behind in creating their online presence. They do not understand the importance of online presence and hence, ignore it outright. This article clearly explains the need of online presence for these businesses.

Can target local audience: Howsoever small a business is, it focuses on the local audience to start with. As people are spending more time on the Internet, it is one of the best ways to introduce your business to the targeted local audience. Using the website you can let people know what your business offers, your location, product information, business hours, special offers, discount sales, contact information, etc. The website, thus helps the tech-savvy generation to find their desired information easily and also helps the business grow faster.

Brings professional status to the businesses: A well-designed website makes the online presence of a business effective by allowing it to present its profile, operations, product/service range in a professional way. Using good quality content, businesses can educate the users about the business’s products/services. This helps in building credibility among the existing as well as prospective customers. Moreover, having business e-mail ids that end with your own domain name brings more professionalism to your business.

Exposes business to wider audience: Internet is a global medium that exposes your business to the whole world. So, the Internet helps you spread your brand popularity among huge range of audience. It helps small businesses to reach global market and target audience worldwide. Also, it enables customers to search online for a particular product 24/7 and at their own convenience.

Helps business to stay ahead of the competitors: Having a website helps you stay ahead of your competitors who do not have business website. For example, if a user searches for the product you are offering, having a website makes you listed in the search results where your competitor cannot. Hence, chances of getting business are more for you than for your competitor.

Best way to resolve customer queries and to get feedback: A business website makes it easy for your existing customers to contact you for any of their queries related to the products/services and also to give feedback. This helps the businesses to build good customer relationships, which when maintained properly improves the customers loyalty.

Less expensive marketing/advertising tool: Compared to the traditional marketing which uses expensive media like TV, radio, newspapers, etc., marketing on the Internet is cost effective. Different marketing strategies used in Internet marketing like SEO, pay-per-click, link building, are proven to be successful and have become most popular in recent times.

Durability: Online promotion is more durable than a TV commercial, or a newspaper ad, which are less firmly established. Any promotion activity through the Internet stays for a long time and thus, helps to reach more number of audience. It encourages them to click on the ad, visit your web page and know your products, thus, making your business more popular.

These benefits underscore the importance of online presence. Online presence, however, turns to be ineffective if your website fails to appear in the top search results. If your web page lies somewhere in the inside pages, it is of little help. To get better page rank for your website, you need to take help of the Internet marketing professionals who will guide you with effective strategies that place your website atop online.